Sarah Abrigada - Book of Love

Album Sarah Abrigada - Book of Love

The music playfully jumps between jazz and pop, between quartet and duo, between covers and original compositions - always carried by the musicality and the joy of the band members that Sarah Abrigada has gathered around her voice. 
Claude Diallo (Switzerland), Luques Curtis (USA) and Tupac Mantilla (Colombia) are all masters of their craft. But they also share the same understanding for a song, its rhythm and melody. Although they have different cultural backgrounds, they fuse in the language of sound.
The voice of Sarah Abrigada is filled with warmth and subtlety, and carries the lyrics straight to the heart of the listener. In her first work, she unites all the different layers of influences that have touched and shaped her musical life. It’s like a book filled with stories that only life can write.

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